Intelligent Manufacturing 
Virtual Production Planning with the ema Software Suite
        The ema Software Suite combines 3D technology and modern planning methods for solutions for the virtual production planning and workplace design including simulation and process evaluation.
        Human Simulation, 3D Production Planning and Virtual Ergonomics with ema Work Designer Software
The scientifically based software emaWD enables the holistic planning, evaluation and 3D simulation of human work in the context of the Digital Factory in order to simulate punctual safeguards or complex continuous production scenarios with human participation.
       With the digital human model and the behavior and process editor, workstations and production processes can be designed in detail, manual activities and hrc system sequences can be visualized. In addition to that complete manufacturing and assembly processes can be simulated in 3D. In combination with integrated functions for analysis and evaluation of time as well as ergonomics in relation to standard performance, valid and plausible planning results are created for secured processes.
         Production and material flow planning with the software solution ema Plant Designer
        The ema Plant Designer is a holistic and integrated software solution for simple, fast and precise planning and evaluation of production processes with the aim of creating a lean and highly efficient production.
      The software offers the best of the worlds of simulation or value stream and delivers reliable results on the utilization of workstations including bottleneck analysis, manufacturing costs, throughput times and critical paths, required buffer locations as well as manufacturing workstation areas and material flows.
       The modules for workshop, series, island and flow production, material flow and layout planning as well as for cost accounting are offered individually or bundled in the Professional Edition or the Education Edition for use in Education and Reasearch.