Rapid Concept Modeling and Simulation
         An increasing number of vehicle models are being launched on the market in ever shorter innovation cycles. This demands the fastest possible validation of the vehicle designs with regard to customer requirements, functionality, producibility and compliance with statutory requirements during the early development phase. This is where the joint offering from Fast Concept Modelling & Simulation (FCMS) GmbH and TECOSIM comes into play: TEC|CONCEPT is a new method for analyzing and recalculating complete vehicle designs or individual module designs that significantly speeds up the virtual development process.
        The FCM tool suite supports the simple, rapid creation of geometrical models and the automatic export of FE models for crash, NVH and static analyses. The use of a parametric CAD model allows a large number of possible designs to be created automatically within a short period of time. "Whereas before five or six optimization geometries were calculated, TEC|CONCEPT now allows over 100 new concept solutions," says Udo Jankowski, Member of the Management Board at TECOSIM. For automakers and their system suppliers this not only means savings in terms of time and money, but also a product advantage over the competition.
Fast Concept Modelling & Simulation