General Arrangement Ergonomics Calibration
Highly efficient development on the digital model
        RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D CAD manikin. It realistically simulates vehicle occupants and analyzes the ergonomics of interiors, allowing you to ensure a high level of product maturity and already save on physical prototypes during the early development of your products on the CAD model.
1、Scientifically validated data on body measurements and behavior
2、Market-leading functionality for ergonomics analysis
3、Posture models and physiological joint simulation
Special features of RAMSIS Automotive
1、Fast simulation
Automated sequence of posture calculations and analysis steps.
2、Seats with an ergonomic concept
Consideration of special H30 values for different vehicle concepts (e.g. sports cars, SUVs, vans).
3、Optimal for projects
Impressive project efficiency, thanks to standardized procedures and optimal documentation.
4、More than SAE
Ergonomic vehicle design that exceeds SAE minimum requirements.
5、Ergonomics for everyone
Simulation of drivers and passengers on all seating in a car.
6、Ergonomics benchmark
Comparison of different design concepts from an ergonomic point of view in CAD.