Assembly simulation, virtual training system
LIVINGSOLIDS software solutions permit intuitive interaction with 3D models of systems, machines and technical consumer goods in real time.
The LIVINGSOLIDS Modeller is the central product from LIVINGSOLIDS for the use and reuse of 3D CAD data throughout the product life cycle as well as process integration from development and production to customer service.

Using the Modeller enables 3D CAD data to be imported and edited for various applications:
-The depiction and analysis of assembly and service processes
-The simulation of product functions and configurations
-Product visualization and marketing
-Technical communication

Easy to use, the LIVINGSOLIDS Modeller enables the user to visualize complete assembly processes (including installation simulation with all the available metainformation), make the results available to different groups of users, and export them into a wealth of output media.

The LIVINGSOLIDS Modeller has a plethora of interfaces and optional functions enabling inexpensive yet flexible adaptation to clients' requirements and their existing system environment.
LIVINGSOLIDS technology offers dedicated data structures for
1、3D geometry data and structure information
2、Process information
 Depicting the workflow as a virtual, interactive animation
3、Derived documents (manuals, instructions, catalogues)
 Derived from videos, images and texts

Specific features of LIVINGSOLIDS technology:
▶ Flexible interface to CAD and PDM/PLM systems
▶ Authoring method
▶ Integration of traditional media in interactive 3D visualisation and simulation
▶ Scalable viewer systems
▶ web browser plugin Windows PC high-end VR, z.B. CAVE
▶ Adaptive user interfaces
▶ Mixed reality capability (e.g. real control stand with virtual machine)
▶ Basis technology for augmented reality applications in production and service