Crash Simulation
Visual Crash Studio (VCS) is an unique tool for the pre-design stage of product development. In order to optimally use the software capabilities it is important fully understand the specificity of VCS usage, its characteristic workflow and its application in the overall design process.

Visual Crash Studio environment enables constant verification of the model. The advantage of VCS application is the fact that calculation of a solution can be performed at each modelling stage. First calculations start at the cross section level. Subsequent calculation can be performed as each part of the structure is created. In case of simple structure calculation time should not exceed several dozen of seconds. If the structure is advanced the time required for calculation should not exceed several minutes. This way a final simulation is performed for verified and complete structure.

The approach of parallel modelling and analysis is optimal for the VCS workflow. Thanks to the very short calculation time (seconds to minutes compared to hours in FE solvers) this design process is very efficient. In consequence, VCS is recommended to be used in the pre-design stage of product development, where possibility of fast verifications and adjustments of the designed construction are essential.

As software designed for the pre-design stage, VCS does not compete with FE methodology solvers but can and should be used as their complement. VCS gives the possibility to develop, verify and optimize a construction concept with accurate crash analysis. Basing on this concept a detailed construction can be created, and additional detailed calculations conducted (with the use of FE methodology).

Using VCS in the pre-design stage of a project gives the benefit of avoiding time and cost–consuming major modifications is later stages of product development.
VISUAL CRASH STUDIO (VCS) is an all-in-one environment for early design, virtual testing and optimization of complex crashworthy structures.